'Til Death Do Us Part



'Til Death Do Us Part....


One Woman's Story of Facing the Reality
After Clinging to the Dream


560 page Hard Cover Book



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When a relationship is at risk or breaks up, it is so easy for couples to hold each other responsible. Even when a relationship ends in death, such blaming occurs. "What if," asks bestselling author Rene Yarnell, "we entered our relationships realizing that they have a life expectancy–some longer, some shorter, some "'til death do us part"? It's perfectly natural to want to prolong our relationships, but all too often they define their own boundaries, identifying the moments of culmination and breakdown, not so unlike the feebleness of old age signals impending death.

Here Yarnell tells the story of her own fairytale romance–an emotionally-peaked courtship and marriage that culminated in a shattered relationship. After her own difficult journey to come to terms with the breakup, she reminds us that, of all the people we have come to know or will ever know, there is something extraordinarily special about those with whom we share the emotional and sexual intimacies of living together in marriage or an equally close partnership. These relationships not only shape our life story, but also the unfolding and expansion of us as persons. It would be most unfortunate if, at the ending of such shared closeness, we found nothing to appreciate. The merit of a relationship is not necessarily in its lasting forever. Its value is in the journey two people shared together.

Hers is a message of hope. Raising consciousness that a new paradigm is needed as couples embrace marriage, the author advocates for less focus on blame and guilt should it end, and more appreciation for the shared love and personal growth that was experienced while together. The objective is to emerge from our marital crises more ready than ever to make sound choices–either to renew and enhance our existing unions or to move on, perhaps giving birth to new relationships without the usual sense of failure.

"What I had finally come to understand was that the heartrending sadness resulting from a relationship ending need not signal failure, but can be the portal to an even deeper experience of personal growth and a renewed or new spiritual bonding. We can allow that pain to bog us down in self-pity and prolonged misery or we can choose to emerge with full appreciation for the precious time we were given to share moments of our lives with another person. Once ended, it doesn't matter whether our love is reciprocated or not. It doesn't matter if the warm memories are mutual or not. It doesn't matter if the time is for a moment or a week or a year or a decade or a lifetime. What does matter is that we shared part of ourselves with each other, and the experience is raising one or preferably both of us to an elevated capacity to love."

'Til Death Do Us Part... offers a lifeline to anyone who is facing, or has faced, or will face marital crisis, helping them transform feelings of devastation into energy for renewal or the decision to begin a new life.

Til Death Do Us Part...
By Rene Reid Yarnell

One Woman's Story of Facing the Reality After Clinging to the Dream


560 page Hard Cover Book


Hardcover Copy: $24.95